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 Hengyang Jinze Li Special Alloy Co., Ltd. was established in December 1999, registered capital of 20 million yuan.

    Registered Address: Baishazhou industrial garden pond road Hengyang Yanfeng District No. 2.

    Company's main magnetic stainless steel, high-tech enterprises in Hunan Province. Since its inception, that is dedicated to the development of magnetic stainless steel.

     Developed the JL-31 (00Cr13si2Pb), JL-31B (00Cr13si2), JL-31BS (00Cr13Si2S), JL-37B (0Cr17Si2), JL-37 (0Cr17Si2Pb), JL-38 (0Cr18SiMo2), JL-45 (0Cr18Si2S ) grade products imported from Japan have been completely replaced K-M31 (13Cr-2Si), K-M35F (13Cr-1Si-Al-Pb), K-M37F (17Cr-1Si-Al-Pb), K-M41S (18Cr-1Si -0.5Mo), K-M38 (18Cr-2Si-2Mo-X), imported from Germany 4105LA, 41O5IL, 4105IM and imported Italian MG1, MG2 and other magnetic materials. Its performance indicators are in line and some more than foreign imports of similar products. In 2002, the company produces stainless steel more>>

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